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Target Industries


TVA offers services to companies within certain target industries that potentially offer the greatest economic benefit to the Tennessee Valley.

Advanced Manufacturing

The Tennessee Valley hosts a large, diverse base of sophisticated manufacturing companies. The sector includes aerospace, aviation, chemical, metals manufacturing and processing, and defense-related companies.

For information, contact Adam Murray, 615-232-6685 or 601-832-7021 (cell),

Food Processing

The Tennessee Valley offers easy access to raw products for the food industry. Low business costs, a skilled workforce and a central location add up to the best location for growing food-related companies.

For information, contact Roxann Fry at 615-232-6118 or


Data Centers

This target industry segment includes enterprise data centers, financial services processing, and technology companies. The Valley's primary data center sites have been identified and evaluated by Deloitte Consulting.

For information, contact Spencer Sessions 615-232-6160 or 901-832-2141 (cell),

Transportation-Related Manufacturing

The Tennessee Valley is a leader in automotive manufacturing and is strategically located near multiple major manufacturers in the southeastern U.S. This industry segment also includes manufacturing for road, rail, and water transportation equipment.

For information about OEM’s, contact Bill Adams at 615-829-0293, 615-289-1835 (cell) or

For information about automotive suppliers, contact Chris Berryman, 615-232-6871, 731-431-4031 (cell) or






Even if your industry is not listed here, economic development assistance is still available from TVA. Please contact us by e-mail or call 615-232-6225 for more information.