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Power Reliability and Rate Options


You can depend on TVA electricity to be there when you need it.

By partnering with our 155 distributors of TVA power and our directly served large industries and federal installations, we ensure that businesses receiving TVA power enjoy one of the most reliable and efficient power systems in the nation.

Competitive rates

TVA’s vision is to be one of the nation's leading providers of competitively priced and cleaner energy by 2020.

Rate credits and overlay power

There are many ways in which TVA and the distributors of TVA power can help you use electricity more efficiently and cost-effectively. The way your business uses power may help determine the rate you pay for that power and lower your costs. Depending on your business circumstances and power use, you may be eligible for some of these rate options from participating distributors:

Off-Peak Pricing

TVA’s Off-Peak Pricing overlay allows your company to add load in off-peak periods at aggressive pricing. Participants benefit from the ability to “average down” their overall unit cost.

Reserve Preservation

Reserve Preservation (RP) provides participating commercial and industrial customers with credits on their power bills in exchange for giving TVA the right to suspend the availability of power with a 30-minute notice during times of peak system demand as well as in response to power pricing signals in the market.

Small Manufacturing Credit

Companies whose monthly demand falls between 1,000 and 5,000 kilowatts and whose SIC code is between 20 and 39 will qualify to receive the Small Manufacturing Credit, a rate product that helps small manufacturers remain competitive.

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